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DryLab Media Tech Group Plc (formerly Media Tech SPAC Plc)

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

DryLab Media Tech concluded the acquisition of DryLab Media in June 2022. We initially were engaged by DryLab Media Tech on its proposed listing on to the Standard Segment of the Main Market.

Following the FCA Consultation on the rule changes to the Standard Segment (arising following Brexit), the decision was taken to review a number of transaction options to proceed with an IPO as an operating company. We worked with the board of the company to negotiate and finalise the acquisition terms with respect to DryLab Media.

Throughout the retainer we have worked with the board on coordinating due diligence, assisting with financial processes, finalising the listing and transaction documentation and to provide strategic advisory services to enable the proposed listing on to AIM.

[Mark Wheeler is currently appointed as Interim General Counsel to assist the company with its continued plans]

For more information on the work we have undertaken with the company, please click here for the video testimonial and its transcript.


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