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Pluto Digital Plc

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Pluto Digital was formed to be an operating company within the crypto, blockchain and digital assets industries, incubating third party platforms and entering into various smart contracts to establish yields on the held digital assets. Pluto Digital subsequently expanded into meta space and gaming, areas which had natural synergies with the operations and experiences of the Pluto Digital team.

In February 2021 Fortified Advisory was retained by Pluto Digital to assist with its corporate finance elements including the project management of the 2 equity placings undertaken in February and March 2021 raising gross proceeds in excess of £30m (including subscriptions from Argo Blockchain Plc, Pires Investments Plc and RiverFort Global Opportunities Plc). Following the equity subscriptions we coordinated the proposed admission to Aquis in the summer of 2021 until the market conditions changed to be unfavourable to the operations of Pluto Digital.

Subsequently we continued to provide advisory services. In doing so we; oversaw the retirement of Atif Yaqib from Pluto Digital, provided day-to-day counsel on various commercial matters (including the establishment of the Maze Theory JV and new metaspace operations) and also provided assistance with the NFT Investments offer in December 2021.

This retainer concluded in December 2021.


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